The aftermath of floods in Kerala has been as tumultuous as the floods itself

The devastating floods in Kerala has shaken and stirred the country in an unprecedented manner. Nature’s fury, tragic scenes, political wrangling, communal rhetoric, diverse India uniting and a dash of comedy have ensued in the past fortnight. It all started when the Home Minister of India made a quick visit to Kerala and announced a immediate relief fund of Rs. 100 crores. Problem was, Kerala Govt. had asked for more than Rs. 1000 crores. Then the PM wanted to do an aerial survey and assessment of the affected areas with his team. Problem was, thousands of people were stranded in the floods in inaccessible areas where only helicopters could reach them. For rescue, military personnel deployed were only in hundreds. All state TV channels were impressively covering flood affected areas to the best they could. Politicians and government officials in the name of aerial survey were using helicopters that could have been used to rescue people. Moreover their aerial survey was inhibiting the rescue operations. They should have simply stayed at home and watched TV.

Then the Central govt. announced a flood relief package of Rs. 600 crores. The simmering social media erupted. A Govt. that has thousands of crores to give as loans to other countries and for building statues did not have enough money for saving it’s own people’s lives. The reasons were quite evident. The communally harmonious society of Kerala has never allowed BJP to plant it’s roots in the land even though RSS has been actively trying to find some ground. The frequent clashes between RSS and Communist cadres is the clear testimony of that. RSS has even gone to the extent of eliminating it’s own people for defaming the Communists as has been found out from police investigations in some of the cases. The Left parties won the last assembly elections and are in governance of the state now. Moreover Keralites have unanimously rejected any ban on eating beef. The Central govt. has been at loggerheads with the state govt and the Kerala society as a whole which got clearly reflected in the callous approach of the Central govt. towards the time of crisis.

What the Central govt. needs to understand is that Kerala is a part of India and is one of the highest payer of central taxes and excise duties to the Central govt. Kerala govt. had only asked for the support and assistance it is entitled to get. As per 2015-16 estimates, Kerala has 2.7% of India’s population and contribute 4.4% of its GDP. For every ₹1 Kerala pays to the centre, they get only 25 paisa back. And Kerala gets only 3.25% of its GSDP from centre. Every Malayali who stays in Kerala pay ₹12572 per year to centre in different form of taxes (2015-16 data). Rejecting the requests of Kerala govt. and offering measly sums as relief packages is clearly a violation of the federal structure of governance of the country.

Meanwhile a comical episode started off on the side when the ruler of UAE met a prominent Indian businessman and apparently told him that he would be willing to give a relief package of 100 million USD to the Kerala govt which was in turn conveyed to the Kerala CM. Then the ruler of UAE tweeted a statement of support and solidarity towards the people of Kerala which was responded by the PM with a tweet of gratitude. The next thing everyone got to know is that the Central govt. had rejected the offer of help from UAE citing an incident from the past when the erstwhile UPA govt had refused to take help from foreign countries. The ruler of UAE in turn stated that he never made any explicit offer of help. All of this made me wonder why people in important places are tweeting and talking about providing assistance for such a huge calamity on social media when they should be working towards getting help to the affected people. So essentially the Central govt. neither showed willingness to do enough for flood relief nor allowed governments from other countries to help which got totally exposed with this incident.

The communal elements across the country did not sit idle either. RSS was trying to spread it’s own organizational propaganda in the name of helping flood victims. Posts and comments started pouring in on social media about why the people of Kerala should suffer because Keralites still continue to eat beef and the women of Kerala are trying to desecrate the sanctity of Sabarimala by trying to get equal rights to enter the temple. Arnab Goswami has even gone on record to call the people of Kerala as shameless ones. All of these are stark reminders that we have only found freedom from foreign rule and we are a long way away from cleansing our society of the many evils and darkness that has taken control over our minds and thoughts.

In the meantime, the govt. of Kerala got pulled into a couple of raging debates. One was about the handling of excess dam water and the opening of dams which ensued in large scale flooding. OPIndia, an online news platform has falsely interpreted a NASA weather report and claimed that the timing of the opening of the dams resulted in the floods across Kerala ( NASA’s report ( only mentions that above average rainfall caused floods in certain parts of India. Nowhere does it link floods with the management of the dams. Commonsense says same amount of water would have flowed out regardless of when the dam was opened. Only difference would have been in the amount of pressure of the released water. In normal case, rainwater swells rivers which ultimately flows out into the sea. In this case, excess rainwater swelled up river banks and water flowed into human settlements where it got stuck causing floods. Excessive rainfall, human encroachment of land, poor maintenance of drainage systems can all be blamed, but questioning the timing of opening of dams is blatant blaming and false propaganda against the Kerala govt. The Minister of Fisheries of Kerala has stated in an interview on a state TV channel that people had claimed land from the rivers for their constructions and farming and the rivers simply took back those lands which was the best way to explain what had happened. Flooding in human settlements should not be blamed on any governments in particular. The civil administration (municipalities, corporations) should be taken to task for illegal constructions, unplanned expansion of towns and cities and poor maintenance of infrastructure.

The second one was about a 2011 environmental report which stated that large scale sand mining and deforestation is damaging the environment and destabilizing the natural ecosystem of the Western Ghats. This is not for any one govt to take blame. When there is no control over population growth and we venture out into destroying nature for our needs, nature will take it’s own course of corrective actions to stabilize itself. Destruction of nature has been happening across all the states. Nature conservation and environmental protection is a national level problem which the Central govt. and all state govts should come together and discuss upon. Maybe it is time we took a leaf out of China’s development model. Every year a certain amount of forest land is acquired for development activities and at the same time a certain amount of unused or waste land is marked for conversion back into forest area.

In between such a massive tragedy and all the ensuing chaos and mud slinging three factors have stood as silver linings and shining beacons. The first one is the communal harmony of the Kerala society which has only grown stronger in the face of the calamity. In the aftermath of the floods, pictures have emerged of Muslims cleaning a temple compound, something unimaginable in most places in India. Second is the absolutely massive level of support and solidarity Kerala has received from all over India. Support in the form of relief funds and materials have flowed to Kerala right from Jammu and Kashmir. Just the ideal reminder that we may be divided by many reasons but it takes just one reason to unite our minds and thoughts.

The third one is the best of it all. The fishermen of Kerala swooped into the flood waters to save lives as if they were from another world. None of the military might of the world can match their skills in water. They ride the huge waves and choppy waters of the seas in their boats and ships like normal people walk in the park. They moved in silently into the flood waters, saved thousands of lives and went back expecting nothing in return and earning the highest respect from all quarters. When high seas ravage their dwellings and they have to rebuild their lives year after year the rest of the state lives in complete ignorance about it. It is high time the state govt. starts working towards the betterment of the fishermen community.

I am not sure if we have seen the last of the controversies yet. Someone has tweeted questioning the possibility of using the gold stored in the vaults of the Padmanabhaswami temple in Thiruvananthapuram. I am waiting to see if this is going to stir the hornet’s nest. The problem with using the gold is, if we knew why so much gold was accumulated and stored we would also know when to use it.


The inverse relationship between intelligence and sex

I came across this thought provoking article today morning.

The fascinating bit is, higher the IQ, higher the sex drive but lesser sex. This has been explained away by reasoning that people with higher IQ are more focused on gaining knowledge than having sex, but it does not get into the details as to why.

People with all levels of IQ are interested in sex, but higher IQ means more neuron connections inside the brain which translates into deeper connectivity in relationships with other people. This is why these people make lesser friends and prefer to be social outcasts because they simply desist being in superficial relationships. Such people simply cannot be in casual relationships or one night stands because they find no mental connectivity in such short time. They would rather prefer to stay away from sex completely or be monogamous if they come across that person with whom they find the deep connectivity they are looking for. This could explain the higher use of sex toys among people with higher IQ as mentioned in the article. They would rather use the toys rather than being in meaningless relationships.

But there is a deeper reason for giving up on sex for gaining knowledge. People in ancient times used to do penance to reach out to God for superior knowledge and powers. Ancient Indian texts are replete with the tales of such numerous yogis. Why did they leave their lives behind and walk into the deep forests to do the penance? They wanted to be away from all relationships and distractions because they had to channel and focus their entire energy into reaching out to the higher powers. They needed all their energy to interact with the supremely higher energy source that is God. There are two activities in our daily lives that are the most resource intensive, digestion of food and sex. Both require the maximum blood in our body to complete the tasks. The more food and more sex we have, the more exhausted and drowsy we become. That is why yogis used to live on fruits and berries and observe complete abstinence from any sort of contact with women. Some of this is still in vogue. In my native state, Kerala, before we go to a certain temple called Sabarimala, it is required to abstain from meat, alcohol, women and even cutting of hair and nails for 41 days. Our ancestors used to walk to the temple through forests for weeks and months. They used to carry machetes to clear the forest area they were walking through. When they leave, their families used to light oil lamps and used to ensure that the lamps burn till they return. 41 days was probably the average time taken by people to walk forth and back and if they did not return in that time period, they were presumed to be dead.

Animals have been considered at a lower order than humans in ancient Indian texts and there are reasons for that. Animals exist to maintain the equilibrium of the planet’s ecosystem and we do not belong to the food chain because we were given intelligence and knowledge to cultivate our own food, domesticate animals and use fire and metals. Unlike us, animals have no taste buds. They do not need to seek higher knowledge so that’s why they have not been given intelligence. It is said that when the Gods created us, we were not supposed to be made intelligent. But some among the Gods defied the rule and passed on intelligence and knowledge to us. The Forbidden Apple eerily resembles the shape of the vagina which could mean that we were told not to get into the infinite loop of procreation like animals and we were meant to use our intelligence to seek higher knowledge.

I do not believe that anyone is born with higher IQ than others. It is said that we are listening and feeling from the time we are in our mother’s womb. What we experience right from our mother’s womb through our infancy and in our growing up years affects our mental makeup positively or adversely. The well-being of relationships between couples could determine the makeup of children even when they are conceived. Ancient Indian texts describe in detail how to live our lives and all these factors have been taken into consideration when writing them down. We overlook everything because of our ignorance and this is precisely why the apple was forbidden.