The causes and effects of the Rafale deal

So the ticking time bomb has triggered a full scale explosion. The endless debates and punches and counter punches that has been happening over the course of weeks and months has given way to a full scale war. Finally, some light has fallen on the shadows of the dubious Rafale deal and it is not good news for the Modi government. The fact that Anil Ambani has been the beneficiary of an unholy deal between the Indian and French government has been brought to light by none other than the erstwhile French President himself.

Questions are raging over how a weapons manufacturing company was started by Anil Ambani just weeks before the deal was signed, HAL was sidelined and Ambani’s company was proposed as the only option by the Modi government as partner for the deal. But my problems and concerns go much deeper. I did a one year MBA program with an international business school in Shanghai. There I met people from almost every part of the world. I used to have a good time with a young Pakistani lad who incidentally knows the band members of Strings and I used to tell him that one day I will be in Pakistan and I need his help to meet them. The college had given me a fellowship and I used to work actively with the college staff most of whom were Chinese. My point is, I was not fighting with that Pakistani guy and the Chinese people I know. It made me realize that citizens of India are not at war with the citizens of Pakistan and China. When we, the people have no problems with each other, why do we have borders and armed forces? Why are the governments buying and manufacturing all the weapons? To protect the people from what?

Lets take the case of Jammu and Kashmir. It became part of India during Independence and then the war of 1948 broke it into two parts. I see reports about separatists indulging in violence and the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits and I wonder, why can’t the people who want to be with Pakistan go to PoK and the ones who want to be with India come to this side of the border? Wouldn’t that solve the problem? Why are the Indian and Pakistani governments not trying to resolve the problem? Why is the UN not trying to resolve the conflict? Same goes with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Every time I hear and see about conflicts and problems, I always wonder why people are not working towards solving these issues.

Coming back to the Rafale issue, my next problem is in the way the government eventually decides from which country and which companies to buy the weapons from. The three wings of the armed forces are more than well equipped to do their own due diligence and decide what their requirements are. All the government needs to do is to provide them the required funds and clear all bureaucratic hurdles for the purchases. But when the government overrides the needs of the armed forces and initiates deals as per it’s wishes, then something murky is definitely happening in the shadows. This is what caused the Bofors issue and now the Rafale issue.

During the 2014 elections, there was a rumour that Modi’s election campaign extravaganza expenses ran upto Rs. 20,000 crore. He was always seen travelling for election rallies in private helicopters of Gautam Adani. Now why would a corporate businessman provide the services of this private choppers to a PM candidate? It doesn’t end here. Wherever Modi used to travel to for campaigning, be it as far as Thiruvananthapuram in the south or Arunachal Pradesh in the east or Jammu and Kashmir in the north, he used to always return to Gujarat the same day itself. Those journeys themselves must have cost a monstrous amount of money. Why was Adani spending so much money on Modi? So it was clear that Modi was going to be the next PM. Now Modi has himself admitted to being a chaiwala (tea seller). So how does all of this reflect on him? Like the story of Kalidasa, an ancient Indian poet. Kalidasa was a stupid and ignorant woodcutter who was found by some wise men cutting a branch of a tree he was sitting on. These wise men had a grudge on a princess because of her haughtiness at her wisdom. So they dressed up Kalidasa, asked him to keep quiet, spoke for him and interpreted his actions and claimed to the world that he was the most knowledgeable guy in the world and managed to defeat the princess in a debate. The same seems to have happened with Modi as well. The corporate seems to have installed him as the PM to be at their whims and fancies and to get their business deals signed off without understanding anything and without asking any questions. The Rafale deal seems to be just one of them. If there were scams during the previous UPA government the present government itself is a corporate scam.

Now how did Anil Ambani and the Modi government manage to pull off such a deal brazenly without the fear of any repercussions? They thrive on the ignorance of people. Most people in rural India especially in the North do not have even basic facilities like drinking water and electricity. They do not even have enough education to spell Rafale properly. Political parties have been exploiting them every 5 years by baiting them with the offer of basic amenities in return for their votes. They get nothing after each election and since they are all stuck inside vote banks, they continue voting for the candidates from their caste, religion etc. Most importantly, political parties ensure that people do not get proper education. Education increases our understanding of the world and we start asking questions. Questions are the biggest threat to the existence of political parties. This is why government schools are in dilapidated condition in many of the states and private schools charge such exorbitant fees. The objective is to keep people away from education. This is why Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP party had to go through all sorts of dire situations and repercussions when they tried to revive government schools in Delhi. Five of the biggest Indian states from where maximum representatives go to the Lok Sabha (lower House of Parliament) are stuck in this situation. BJP won maximum seats from these states in 2014 which clearly reflects the pathetic condition of Indian democracy. The consequence is that apart from the fragmented urban voters, no one will question Modi about the Rafale deal. He can happily go and campaign for the 2019 elections in the rural areas of India. This is what emboldens political parties and the corporate to take the country and the people for granted in their quest for money and power.

Finally, why a deal for weapons manufacturing? Which are the most booming business industries in the world? Weapons, drugs, prostitution and trafficking in that order. What generates maximum revenue in the world? People’s fear and people’s lust. We need to look at nothing beyond the first movie of the Iron Man franchise. What prompts billionaire businessman and playboy Tony Stark to become Iron Man? Because he finds the weapons manufactured in his company Stark Industries in the hands of terrorists and he realizes that weapons manufacturers sell weapons to both sides of wars and conflicts. The best commodity for sale has become the human life itself. Anil Ambani seems to be thirsting to enter that realm of business and make some money for himself at the cost of human lives. This is why Kashmir, Palestine and many other areas continue to be conflict zones. More is at stake here. Financial institutions move in into conflict areas once some sort of deal for peace is made, invest money and basically enslave people’s lives in that region. If all conflicts stop, financial institutions and weapons manufacturers will have to close down their shops. The stakes are much higher than the comprehension of common people and political class is just a puppet in the hands of the corporate all over the world.


10 reasons why humans are the aliens on earth

1. Everything in nature is beautiful in it’s own ways with vibrant colors, sounds and movements. Only we are monotonous and boring in the way we look, sound and move. Male animals and birds are the ones who have been created as beautiful to woo females. Only in humans are females expected to look pretty for men to woo them.

2. All animals in nature have developed camouflages, either for protection or for hunting their prey. Only humans build camouflages to hide from other humans. A Zebra’s stripes are for camouflaging it from lions and other predators, not from other Zebras. Only we do not have any natural camouflages. But the camouflages we create are not tuned to nature that’s why we can never use them to hide from animals.

3. All animals are part of the food chain in the ecosystem, only we are not. We are neither a predator nor a prey (or we are both when we decide to go hunting in the forest and gets mauled by a lion or tiger) and we are the only species in such a unique category on the planet.

4. All animals stop eating food when they are sick. They use all their body resources to fight off the disease so it does not make any sense to burden the body further with digestion of food. Only we need external nourishment from food when we are sick. When an animal falls sick, it isolates itself from it’s group so that the disease does not spread to it’s brethren. We, on the other hand seek caring and attention when we are sick which in turn spreads the disease to the people around us.

5. No animal gets afflicted with the diseases that we do. Back pain, cancer and all of those are extremely weird diseases. The moment we stand up on our two feet, we start going against gravity and become candidates for spinal diseases. All animals have their body fine tuned to gravity. Cancer has been found to be caused by the deficiency of Vitamin B12. Most urban people are suffering from diseases due to Vitamin D deficiency. No animal suffers from any Vitamin deficiency based diseases.

6. There is nothing unique about us that anything in nature can learn and use it for their own benefits. Rather, we have constantly observed and learned from animals and nature for our growth and evolution. Even martial art forms such as Kung Fu have been developed by observing the movements of Cranes, Snakes and Tigers among other animals.

7. Animals have evolved according to their habitat to protect themselves from the forces of nature. Polar bears have developed a black hide beneath their thick white hair. The hide conserves the heat produced from body fat and prevents it from radiating outward. Similarly all animals have developed their own means of self protection. Only we did not evolve similarly or we were not created in this way. Only we need clothes and other external methods to protect ourselves.

8. All animals consistently follow the principle of Survival of the Fittest. They have the inherent ability to understand which among their children are healthy and can procreate successfully when they grow up. The rest have to die. That’s why birds push their chicks out the nests after they grow up to a certain point. The ones that cannot fly should fall down and die. In this way, all animals ensure that defective genes and diseases are not passed on to future generations. Only we defy this rule and protect our children because of which we have all become unhealthy due to defective genes.

9. In Indian folklore, the legendary poet Kalidasa was an illiterate woodcutter in his younger days and he was once found cutting the same branch of a tree on which he was sitting. This is exactly what we are doing with nature. We are destroying nature to build our homes, the same nature that sustains and nourishes us. No other animal displays this behaviour. Animals use what is available in nature and adapt to changes in nature for their survival and existence. No being in nature has been given the ability to destroy the very environment it is part of.

10. Finally, animal senses are all attuned to nature and our planet. Animals sense geological changes such as natural disasters in advance and move to safer places. Apes and Chimpanzees also have this ability, so if we evolved from them naturally, why did we lose it? If we were created from apes or from early hominids, was this ability removed from us? If yes, why?

To add to this,

Every animal in the ecosystem have a particular season or time when they procreate and that is the only time they become sexually active and mate. The female ovaries of all animals are able to hold the male sperms for a long time after mating. Only humans do not have any mating seasons. Human ovaries do not have the capability to store male sperms. There is no sex in the animal world, that term is applicable only for humans. Ovulation and menstruation cycles with such complexity exists only in humans in the mammal world and does not even exist for other animals. How did it evolve to such an advanced level only in humans? If the reasons were because of changes in nature, why did the same adaptation not happen in other mammals?