The causes and effects of the Rafale deal

So the ticking time bomb has triggered a full scale explosion. The endless debates and punches and counter punches that has been happening over the course of weeks and months has given way to a full scale war. Finally, some light has fallen on the shadows of the dubious Rafale deal and it is not good news for the Modi government. The fact that Anil Ambani has been the beneficiary of an unholy deal between the Indian and French government has been brought to light by none other than the erstwhile French President himself.

Questions are raging over how a weapons manufacturing company was started by Anil Ambani just weeks before the deal was signed, HAL was sidelined and Ambani’s company was proposed as the only option by the Modi government as partner for the deal. But my problems and concerns go much deeper. I did a one year MBA program with an international business school in Shanghai. There I met people from almost every part of the world. I used to have a good time with a young Pakistani lad who incidentally knows the band members of Strings and I used to tell him that one day I will be in Pakistan and I need his help to meet them. The college had given me a fellowship and I used to work actively with the college staff most of whom were Chinese. My point is, I was not fighting with that Pakistani guy and the Chinese people I know. It made me realize that citizens of India are not at war with the citizens of Pakistan and China. When we, the people have no problems with each other, why do we have borders and armed forces? Why are the governments buying and manufacturing all the weapons? To protect the people from what?

Lets take the case of Jammu and Kashmir. It became part of India during Independence and then the war of 1948 broke it into two parts. I see reports about separatists indulging in violence and the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits and I wonder, why can’t the people who want to be with Pakistan go to PoK and the ones who want to be with India come to this side of the border? Wouldn’t that solve the problem? Why are the Indian and Pakistani governments not trying to resolve the problem? Why is the UN not trying to resolve the conflict? Same goes with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Every time I hear and see about conflicts and problems, I always wonder why people are not working towards solving these issues.

Coming back to the Rafale issue, my next problem is in the way the government eventually decides from which country and which companies to buy the weapons from. The three wings of the armed forces are more than well equipped to do their own due diligence and decide what their requirements are. All the government needs to do is to provide them the required funds and clear all bureaucratic hurdles for the purchases. But when the government overrides the needs of the armed forces and initiates deals as per it’s wishes, then something murky is definitely happening in the shadows. This is what caused the Bofors issue and now the Rafale issue.

During the 2014 elections, there was a rumour that Modi’s election campaign extravaganza expenses ran upto Rs. 20,000 crore. He was always seen travelling for election rallies in private helicopters of Gautam Adani. Now why would a corporate businessman provide the services of this private choppers to a PM candidate? It doesn’t end here. Wherever Modi used to travel to for campaigning, be it as far as Thiruvananthapuram in the south or Arunachal Pradesh in the east or Jammu and Kashmir in the north, he used to always return to Gujarat the same day itself. Those journeys themselves must have cost a monstrous amount of money. Why was Adani spending so much money on Modi? So it was clear that Modi was going to be the next PM. Now Modi has himself admitted to being a chaiwala (tea seller). So how does all of this reflect on him? Like the story of Kalidasa, an ancient Indian poet. Kalidasa was a stupid and ignorant woodcutter who was found by some wise men cutting a branch of a tree he was sitting on. These wise men had a grudge on a princess because of her haughtiness at her wisdom. So they dressed up Kalidasa, asked him to keep quiet, spoke for him and interpreted his actions and claimed to the world that he was the most knowledgeable guy in the world and managed to defeat the princess in a debate. The same seems to have happened with Modi as well. The corporate seems to have installed him as the PM to be at their whims and fancies and to get their business deals signed off without understanding anything and without asking any questions. The Rafale deal seems to be just one of them. If there were scams during the previous UPA government the present government itself is a corporate scam.

Now how did Anil Ambani and the Modi government manage to pull off such a deal brazenly without the fear of any repercussions? They thrive on the ignorance of people. Most people in rural India especially in the North do not have even basic facilities like drinking water and electricity. They do not even have enough education to spell Rafale properly. Political parties have been exploiting them every 5 years by baiting them with the offer of basic amenities in return for their votes. They get nothing after each election and since they are all stuck inside vote banks, they continue voting for the candidates from their caste, religion etc. Most importantly, political parties ensure that people do not get proper education. Education increases our understanding of the world and we start asking questions. Questions are the biggest threat to the existence of political parties. This is why government schools are in dilapidated condition in many of the states and private schools charge such exorbitant fees. The objective is to keep people away from education. This is why Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP party had to go through all sorts of dire situations and repercussions when they tried to revive government schools in Delhi. Five of the biggest Indian states from where maximum representatives go to the Lok Sabha (lower House of Parliament) are stuck in this situation. BJP won maximum seats from these states in 2014 which clearly reflects the pathetic condition of Indian democracy. The consequence is that apart from the fragmented urban voters, no one will question Modi about the Rafale deal. He can happily go and campaign for the 2019 elections in the rural areas of India. This is what emboldens political parties and the corporate to take the country and the people for granted in their quest for money and power.

Finally, why a deal for weapons manufacturing? Which are the most booming business industries in the world? Weapons, drugs, prostitution and trafficking in that order. What generates maximum revenue in the world? People’s fear and people’s lust. We need to look at nothing beyond the first movie of the Iron Man franchise. What prompts billionaire businessman and playboy Tony Stark to become Iron Man? Because he finds the weapons manufactured in his company Stark Industries in the hands of terrorists and he realizes that weapons manufacturers sell weapons to both sides of wars and conflicts. The best commodity for sale has become the human life itself. Anil Ambani seems to be thirsting to enter that realm of business and make some money for himself at the cost of human lives. This is why Kashmir, Palestine and many other areas continue to be conflict zones. More is at stake here. Financial institutions move in into conflict areas once some sort of deal for peace is made, invest money and basically enslave people’s lives in that region. If all conflicts stop, financial institutions and weapons manufacturers will have to close down their shops. The stakes are much higher than the comprehension of common people and political class is just a puppet in the hands of the corporate all over the world.


A disguise beyond comprehension

I believe it’s high time we started looking at our world, at our history and at humanity as a whole from new perspectives. There are many things about us and our world which are not right. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who must be having the same feeling as me. This assumed much greater significance for me when a daming revelation detailed how Indian governments have been funding separatists in the Kashmir region. Kashmir has been on the precipice from the time Pakistan was carved out of India and both countries gained independence from British colonial rule. To which country should Kashmir belong has been the bone of contention between the two countries with separatists, presumably with the support of Pakistan governments have been creating unrest in the region with terrorism. This latest revelation has come as a shocker, because it defies logic that Indian governments have been supporting the very people who are infusing trouble and killing fellow Indians. The question to ask here is, who benefits from this.

The answer is spread out all over our history. I have always wondered how could Adolf Hitler, a virtual nobody, rise up enough to become the undisputed leader of Germany and wage war with the world for 6 long years. Sure, he had Italy and Japan for support, but we also need to look at other pertinent facts as well. Germany was thoroughly defeated in World War I and the Treaty of Versailles had humiliated them and stripped them off a lot of their money and resources. Then followed the Great Depression of 1929. So the question is, where did Hitler find this phenomenal amount of money to fight such a massive war. For all that he has done, I used to admire him for rallying a country around him. But turns out that there is a lot more to it. I have been reading many articles lately which are putting the blame for all conflicts on the banking and financial institutions. Come to think of it, who benefits more than them from conflicts and wars? From making every bullet to guns to military tanks to figher jets, everything costs money. Then the elephatine cost of rebuilding after a war. This would make a lot of sense when we look at every conflict the US has been a part of. Why would they go all the way to Afghanistan to train and arm the resistance fighters waging war against the Soviet Union and leave behind so much of arms and ammunition behind in Afghanistan and Pakistan when they knew what could happen when these arms end up in the hands of Afghan and Pashtun warlords? All of this was shown clearly in the first movie of the Iron Man series, that the same company which manufactures and supplies weapons to the US government is supplying weapons to the very terrorist groups against whom the US is fighting. Looks like the truth is not far from it. Undoubtedly, the US government must be knowing about this, then why are they powerless to stop it? Simply because the stakes are much higher. A simple question is, why are all countries in the world in so much debt? The US has debt that runs into trillions of dollars. Whom do we actually owe all this money to?

When we look back at our history closely, interesting details emerge. We have seen new religions spring up from time to time which have claimed their origins to offset the negativities of older religions and improve mankind. But has that been the case? We have been fragmented further in the name of religion and God. Every religion has it’s own interpretation of God, but how was it that we ended up fighting one another in the name of God? It is said that Jesus and Prophet Mohammad received divine instructions from God to separate a group of people from the rest and lead them into a new way of life. If this was indeed done by God, why would God fragment us in His name rather than uniting us? Why would we have a few people like Newton, Einstein and others who would just pop out of nowhere and change the course of mankind’s history with their discoveries? Doesn’t all of this look suspicious when put together? Is mankind’s history being managed and manipulated by someone or something beyond our realm of understanding and knowledge? Are we being led to a certain point where we will self destruct and end? Are there powers that want us to stay fragmented and keep fighting one another so that they can conquer and rule over us? Or are there benign forces that are testing our character and resilience and want to see if we can survive all the odds and become better beings?

Are we living in a Matrix or a world of Maya as ancient Indian texts say? It is a question that has challenged many minds. Even if we are, there are no red and blue pills like it is shown in the movie. The pills are human intelligence and commonsense. I am sure there are people who will say, “we are not affected by anything so why should we care”? Well, everyone in the world is. Is there a single human being having no issues, physically or financially or in any other ways? The eyes of dogs on streets do not show fear or pain, rather it is bewilderment and confusion. There is chaos and sorrow everywhere and no one is able to figure out why. We are living totally detached lives from one another where there is no time for love and companionship. Are we the creators of this disillusionment or are we being led into this? There is no doubt that a system exists to monitor and control us, that’s why we have a life-death cycle. It will be ridiculous to even think that the consequences of our actions will be limited to our planet. We are all made of star dust and we are connected to the Universe, so the consequences of all our actions will be felt throughout the Universe. When the negative energy we create ultimately causes imbalance in the Universe, order will be restored. I believe the real challenge for us is whether we will be able to shed our differences and unite and find the balance with Mother Nature. This may be the ultimate test we are being put to and it may be upon us to prove that human beings as a species is worthy enough to be a part of the Universe.

Child slaughter and the business end of violence

It is hard for me to imagine any kind of violence, be it even killing chicken for meat. That is one of the primary reasons I stopped eating meat. I believe that violence begets violence and not only does it not solve any problems, it only accentuate the problems. So when news started trickling in that terrorists had entered a military school in Pakistan and were killing children in their classrooms, I did not feel anything for some time because I could not simply fathom it. When I started seeing the visuals from the location on TV news, the scale of horror struck me. So many children were shot in the head. The world is in shock but I am not, because the truth behind the veil of this dastardly act is in some simple logic.

Taliban claimed that this mindless violence was in response to all their children who are getting killed by the drones of the US and by the Pakistan security forces. So retaliation by slaughtering the children in the military school makes sense. That is what jungle law is all about. Targetting the young ones is the most effective way to hurt the enemy. This is also one way of controlling the population of all species in the ecosystem. So what we are doing by killing children is also one way of controlling our population as mandated by nature. We have also coined a word that can be used in this situation. Collateral damage. So when the world is in shock over the loss of lives of so many children, why is the killing of Taliban children not a headline grabbing news? Media never reports how many children were killed in drone attack or a military operation. Aren’t we all the same when we are kids? So how our perception has been created is, Taliban is evil so their kids can die and it is shocking when children who are part of the government system are killed.

So we all know that Taliban is what got created from all the churn that happened from the time Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and the US stepped in to restore parity in the Cold War by arming the warring tribal factions in Afghanistan. The question is, when Soviet Union gave up their conquest and retreated from Afghanistan, why were these tribal factions allowed to keep so much weapons with them? We need to do a little analysis to see through this.

The whole world of business runs on the concepts of supply and demand. Now, there are two ways in which demand can be created. One is naturally created, an example of which is, there were massive traffic blocks on the highways in China last year and vehicles were stuck in the queue for 2 to 3 days. Local people, sensing the business opportunity, quickly set up eateries on road sides for those harried travelers. The other one is artificially created, like the ones that keep happening in India, for example with onions. Onions are very much in demand in India all year long, so suddenly the supply of onions in the market dries up. The wholesale dealers hold back onions in their godowns and there is a sudden surge in onion prices. It is this artificially created demand that is fuelling all the troubles we see in the world.

The question we need to ask is, who supplies weapons to terrorist organizations and who funds their activities? Who benefits from all of this? The Iron Man movie series which we all enjoyed has subtly left a dark and powerful message for all of us to fathom and comprehend. Tony Stark’s company, Stark Industries produces weapons for the use of the US military. But his company is also selling large quantities of weapons to front organizations that work for terrorist organizations, a fact he understands only when he gets kidnapped by terrorists. What puts him at odds with the US military and the character of Jeff Daniels is that he refuses to share the design of his Iron Man suit with them and decides to become Iron Man to make the world a better place. So who benefits from distributing weapons around the world? The weapons manufacturers. If there are no conflicts happening in the world, they would go out of business and there is some serious money involved here. There is another subtle fact here. Conflicts are the only way for them to test the latest weapons they keep manufacturing in a live environment and analyze their impact in war like situations. Why else did the US use the atom bombs in Japan during the fag end of World War II when Japan was on the verge of surrendering?

How did a motley crew like bunch of terrorists become a powerful organization like ISIS in such a short period of time? What attracts people to join them is the simple fact that they look well funded. Terrorist organizations exist to fulfill three objectives of those who fund them. To keep us separated through violence, to create and maintain fear and to keep the world in a state of flux and uncertainty. Then there will be countries that will be posturing aggressively to fight terrorism. This good cop bad cop tactic is only to keep the people fooled and the world in fear. This is the matrix we are living in now. We cannot blame the forces behind this completely though. We have been living in a world divided by religion, race, caste and skin colour for thousands of years. Terrorism is just another layer on top of all this.

What is most likely to happen after this massacre in Pakistan? Pakistan security forces would hit back at Taliban, more of their children would die and Pakistan would ask the US for more funding to deal with terrorism. The kids who died in Pakistan were the lucky ones. The ones who survived will live with this ordeal and scarred minds for the rest of their lives. Will Pakistan ask for funds to rehabilitate these children? No. The world will hold candlelight vigils for the souls of the slain children every year and then go and kill some more children. Collateral damage indeed.

There was a time eons ago in this world when we used to live for hundreds and thousands of years as explained in the ancient Indian texts. It was called Satya Yuga (Age of Truth). It is not hard to believe that we could live so long if certain conditions are met. It may have been a time when we were in harmony with Mother Nature, there was no money, no precious metals, no seven sins, no desires and most importantly, the knowledge that only our physical being goes through the cycles of life and death. Then there would be no need to have religions, politics and wars. I believe that the stress of living in our society and meeting it’s expectations, fear of bombs and hassle of mortgages and loans, the desires we harbour, the seven sins and most importantly, the fear of death are some of the things on which the energy of our body gets expended and thats how we end up dying. Freeing ourselves from all of these would be our elixir for a long life.

No money, no religion, no politics, no wars, wouldn’t that be such a boring world to live in? There wouldn’t be any media blaring out trumped up news about celebrities and politics, there would be no gory visuals of the every day carnage of humans and massacre of animals and birds and there would be no spicy news items about rape, molestations and sexcapades. All of this was foretold to come as part of the Age of Kali. The Age of Truth did not last forever and this Age of Kali will not last forever as well. There isn’t much we can do as individuals to break the matrix we are in or the new world order we are going into. Being able to see the truth and a collective awakening of our minds are the only things that can free ourselves. Till we understand this, let us gear up for more child slaughter, rapes and carnages from exploding bombs. My mom was saying, did all the mothers of the children in Pakistan know they were never going to see their children alive again? Loss of lives and grief over it. Who cares?